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Glastonbury Festival Line-Up Rumours 2010
Glastonbury 2010 - 23-27 June

Since 2005 this site has brought you nearly of ALL the acts on the Pyramid (even the little ones!), and loads of the headliners on every stage!

2010 is the 40th anniversary - it should be a big one!

A big thank you to everyone who helps keep me informed... you can let me know what you've heard here. Cheers!

New this Week

Black Shirt Thursday - at the Park on Friday
Ray Davies - on Sunday at 5pm
Fatboy Slim - is returning this year
Dr Meaker - playing 10pm on Saturday
Rodrigo y Gabriela - playing on Sunday
Vanilla Ice - according to NME

Confirmed in the press by Michael or Emily Eavis, or self-confirmed by the artist.

Dizzee Rascal - confirmed by the BBC
Empire of the Sun - confirmed on BBC website
Faithless - self-confirmed at a gig
Hot Chip - said on Radio 1
Hudson Mohawke - on MySpace
Hybrid - from their website
Jack Johnson - confirmed on Glastonbury's official website
Mumford & Sons - playing the Park stage
Muse - confirmed for Saturday headline pyramid slot
My Luminaries - won the Emerging Talent competition
Willie Nelson - self-confirmed on his website
New Model Army - from a contact in the band
Norman Jay - said on twitter that he'll be DJing
Orbital - according to the BBC
Vampire Weekend - have self-confirmed
Andy Williams - Told to NME
Stevie Wonder - confirmed for Sunday headline pyramid slot
The Stranglers - playing on Friday
U2 - confirmed for Friday headline pyramid slot
The Wurzels - will be on Avalon Stage again
Zen Elephant - playing some of the smaller stages

These are believed likely to appear from all available clues!

(more coming soon!)
These artists have suspicious gaps in their schedule, or similar. Also includes artists still in negotiation with the Festival.

Chemical Brothers - rumours abound but no hard facts

Definitely Not
The artist or Glastonbury Festival have said they are not appearing.

Arctic Monkeys -
say no
Stereophonics - Kelly told a fan he isn't playing

Please don't reproduce this info elsewhere, it takes a lot of time to put this site together. Instead please link to the page so other people can come here directly. Thanks!

A note about the way this website works:

Over the years there have gradually been changes. It used to be that I spent hours actively monitoring the websites of those bands likely to appear, for confirmation, as well as checking news stories of course! But in recent years there are many more stages, and with the advent of MySpace it's easier to keep in touch with bands. So gradually the source for this website has changed, so that by last year nearly all the lineup came from fans or bands directly emailing me to publicise their appearance. But the service provided here was the same as ever, and still takes me many hours to check out the information you are sending me and to get it into the website.

This year, for the first time since the 90s, I'm not going to Glastonbury. A lot of you have asked why (thank you!) - well, I just find it too hard to get about in the mud, with my wheelchair. I didn't really enjoy it last year. So anyway - I will be less likely to pick up on rumours unless YOU keep me wired in! Therefore - as last year - please keep sending me info about the lineup and your favourite bands. I'll keep checking out what you tell me, then putting them up and everything will work as before. But this year, even if a particular band has been featured in the press, I'll still need telling!

All the best and roll on Glasto 2009! May you all get tickets and may the sun shine!

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