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Glastonbury Festival Mailing Lists
Due to popular demand there is now a mailing list run by this site.
You can sign up at the bottom of this page.

The Glastonbury Info List
This list exists to provide the latest line-up rumours and news.

From registration through to the line-up being announced (approximately January to May), this list will provide an email summary of the latest news and information such as what to take, and which new bands are worth watching. Frequency increases as the festival draws near, but there should never be more than one email a week except in exceptional circumstances (e.g. ticket sales day).

After May will come a weather forecast so you can prepare! Following the festival, there will be a concluding email. During the rest of the year there may be sporadic emails - perhaps once every few months - with relevant information.

This is an "announce" list, in that members can receive but not post to it.

Joining the list
Anyone is welcome to join. Simply complete the form below.

Alternatively you can send an email to glast-info-subscribe@gorge.org with any content and you will receive instructions on how to confirm your sign up.

You will be sent a welcome mail with more information when you sign up.

Your email: Yes, sign me up to the info list

Leaving the list
To leave the list, you should send an email to glast-info-unsubscribe@gorge.org containing the line "unsubscribe glast-info" to stop receiving the newsletter. You will be sent an automatic confirmation.

If you have any queries please let the list moderator know via this form.

Tip Offs
The best place to send tip offs about the line-up is still direct via this web form.

Questions for the Organisers?
Just a reminder - this site is not officially associated with Glastonbury Festival in any way. If you have any organisational questions about the Festival (e.g. ticketing, campervans, facilities etc.) please try the VF Glastonbury message boards, where I am a moderator. My mailing list is just for fun, in anticipation of each year's festival!

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This page last updated: 01 September 2022

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