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The Definitive Glasto Weather Forecast!

As ever I analyse many different forecasts and take an average to produce what I call the Definitive Glasto Forecast!

Pretty much everyone is in agreement that the temperatures will be slightly higher than average and the rainfall will be close to or slightly more than average.

So what is average? Well, the temperature is 19C by day and 9C by night. For rainfall, the average is 8 and a half days of rain (over 1mm) for the whole month. The last two Glastonburys were total aberrations as far as rain was concerned. So don't worry - "average" rainfall means we have a good chance of staying dry or just a few light showers. In fact average rainfall for June is 58mm of rain... we had more than this over the festival week last year. The Met Office show that last June we experienced 240% of the "normal" rainfall. This year we might have a shower or two but we really shouldn't have a deluge!

Basically, while we will have some sunny spells we might get the odd thundery shower, but it shouldn't be a wet festival over all. Bring both sets of clothing just in case, but don't forget the suncream!

More detailed forecast coming next week.

The Forecast
Sunrise will be at around 4.45am, sunset around 9.22pm.

Sunny IntervalsWednesday daySun and cloud19 maxNone
Wednesday eveDry12 minNone
Sunny IntervalsThursday daySun and cloud19 maxNone
Thursday eveDry11 minNone
Some rainFriday dayRain am, dry pm17 maxRain between midnight and midday, improving as day goes on, dry afternoon
Friday eveDry12 minNone
Some rainSaturday dayLight rain showers18 maxSome showers in the morning, dry afternoon
Saturday eveDry11 minNone
Sunny IntervalsSunday daySun and cloud18 maxNone
Sunday eveDry12 minNone
RainMonday dayLight rain18 maxLight rain / heavier showers possible all day

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