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Working at the Festival
This info has been updated for the 2008 Festival. Places for most of these jobs fill up fast - often in March, well before tickets go on sale. If you are reading this once tickets have sold out, your best bet is to approach local shops in your area which have stalls at Glastonbury, or to apply for car park stewarding or security roles. Oxfam stewards and most other jobs will have been filled in Spring.

There is also an article about working at the festival here, on Glastonbury Festivals' website, but they appear to replicate most of the information I have already put together!

Jobs tend to involve a six hour shift on each day of the festival, one of which may (in the case of stewards etc.) be overnight. Often shifts can be swapped, but do find out what's involved before applying. Many jobs also involve a training day before the event, which you must attend in order to be able to work at the festival. You will usually have to pay a deposit upfront, which is withheld if you don't do the work.

Volunteers tend to offer their services to benefit the causes that they and the Festival support. You are expected to put in the hours and complete your shifts - there is a black list of those who don't, which prohibits them from working at the Festival again.


Oxfam provide many of the stewards. They have a comprehensive section on stewarding on their website. Initially places are open to those who have stewarded before, and then it's opened up to newcomers. Places are made available in March and have been known to fill within 48 hours, so you need to be on the ball!

DC Site Services provide some paid work in "safety stewarding and traffic management". Their website says the application system opens in February.

Stuart Security provide stewards to man the pedestrian and vehicle gates in 8 hour shifts. The work is paid.

Oasis Carnival also recruit stewards to work before, after and during the Festival.

Festive Lizards recruit for stewards and coach park workers.

Cash and Traffic Management provide stewards for the car parks and this work is paid. They have an application form on their website.

Green Stewards are also recruiting stewards - apply through their website.


The main bars are run by the Workers Beer Company, and staffed by members of groups such as trade unions to raise funds for themselves. You need to join a team and apply months in advance, so you should be thinking about the Festival in January! There is more information on the WBC website written by Brian who is an experienced team manager.


These are run by peace and environmental groups from around the country, so if you are a member of CND or similar, you might wish to ask your local branch whether it helps out at Glastonbury.

Stalls and shops

Your best bet is to contact stallholders directly. I have seen adverts in local papers and shop windows asking for help to run their stall at the festival. If you know a local shop which has a stall, why not see if they need any help?

Volunteering for organisations

If you are a Samaritan, you could investigate joining their festival branch.

Water Aid and other charities often have volunteers on site, but in relatively small numbers, so if you already volunteer for a charity, you may be able to work at the festival through them.

Recycling and Litter picking

This is run by Event Recycling. First refusal is given to people who have worked at the Festival before, then remaining places are opened up to others. Generally there are very few new places available each year, but if you are interested it's worth getting in touch!

Medical staff

Only fully qualified medical staff can apply - through Festival Medical Services (application forms on their website).

Campsite crew

These are provided by local Parent Teacher Associations who select from their parent members.

Green police

The Green Police have an application form on their website. Closing date is mid-April but they expect to fill up well before then.

Anything else?

Most areas of the Festival, such as security, stage crew and construction have their own staff who return each year, so there are very few vacancies in other areas.

However, if you really feel you have a skill which could benefit the Festival, you should send your CV to worthy@glastonburyfestivals.co.uk.

Please note that the Healing Fields are likely to be heavily oversubscribed and one of the least likely areas where you will find work.

Good luck finding work for yourselves and for the causes you support!

This page last updated: 01 September 2022

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