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Steam Trains at Colne Valley
On Monday 21st April 2003 (Easter Monday) we went to Colne Valley Railway in Essex, to look at the railway and ride on a steam train. It was a fascinating day out - you could wander everywhere and talk to the enthusiastic volunteer staff. For more information have a look at the Railway's website, here.

There are 36 images so they appear as thumbnails - hover over each image for a description, and click on each image to see it fullsize.

View of the station/railway Our first view of a steam train, going backwards Trunks on a trolley outside the exhibition room Crossing point on the railway The signalbox An old red phonebox Inspiration for Percy, the Little Green Engine Travelling Post Office Sorting boxes on the TPO Checking weight on the scales Poster advertising route to Colchester (Full size image right way up) View looking away from the stations Steam train WD190 Steam loco passes us to couple at the other end Steam loco passes us to couple at the other end Milk urns, buckets and an old post box Loco WD190 in the station A variety of signals controlled by five levers Levers controlling the signals Looking out from the diesel train to see the steam loco coming Telegraph pole seen from the train Driver controls the diesel train Waiting for the signal to change Coming into the station Signalman in the signal box Bells and signal repeaters above the levers Levers in the signal box The diesel passenger train Signal levers by the trackside Watching the steam train from the passenger bridge Loco 3211 Crane and blue unit labelled 'Return to Old Oak Common'
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