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Pressies for people who have everything
Stuck for ideas? Here are some novel ideas to help you find a present for any budget. All delivery prices are for the UK.

If you want a budget Christmas idea, look at the last item!

Or buy something at Firebox - to get a £5 voucher, just play Speedy Santa - seems to work all year round, one voucher per email address, and it's valid for a month.

Miscellaneous Gifts
Terramundi Money Pots
These Greek style urns are piggy banks holding up to £200 in silver. When you've finished saving, smash them to get at your money! A range of traditional and funky designs, which can be personalised.
£18.50 including delivery

Foodie Gifts
Gourmet Mushroom Kit
Grow oyster mushrooms from old books! Simply buy the kit, soak an old paperback and impregnate it with the spores, then watch as mushrooms grow from your book in just a few weeks.
£8.95 including delivery

Chocolate Tasting Club
The perfect gift for chocoholics. You choose how many deliveries to buy from £15.95 for one box, to £165 for one a month all year!
From £15.95 including delivery

Truffle Trees
These trees - oak or hazel - are provided as a mini tree which has its roots impregnated by truffle spores. Plant the tree in an undisturbed area of your garden and in 4-6 years you can be harvesting your own truffles. Needs alkaline soil.
From £30 for one tree, delivery £1

Games and Executive Toys
Personalised Monopoly Set
Customise the board with places that are personal to the recipient; perhaps places they have lived or their favourite pubs. It's supplied in a tin, with personalised board and matching property cards, as well as the usual Chance and Community Chest cards and the traditional metal playing pieces.
£100 including delivery

A kit for fun with your fridge or whiteboard - magnetic tracks, wheels and scoops, set them up and watch marbles roll down. A good "executive toy" for anyone with a magnetic whiteboard.
£19.95, delivery £3.95

A levitron is a spinning top which levitates above a magnetic plate. Set it spinning, lift it up, then leave it spinning in space. Another good "executive toy". It's fiddly to set up, so not for children. Science in action, so good for geeks!
From £29.99, delivery £3

Charity Gifts
Future Forest tree
Future Forests exist to offset the carbon dioxide produced by us humans. The idea is to use their online calculator to see how many trees you need to plant in order to offset the CO2 from your own lifestyle - but you can always buy one tree as a present, and themed gifts (Easter, Wedding etc) are available. You can also choose which area your tree should be in - many famous people and events have their own forest if you wish to join them.
From £10

A gift for a third world family
Great Gifts sell a range of presents for people in the third world. Instead of cluttering up your friend's house with more objects why not buy them one of these, knowing the recipient will really appreciate it? For example, buy a goat, water cleaning kit, or even a school.
From £5 for a fruit tree, up to £3003 to build a secondary school.

Christmas on a Budget
In the past, I've made Christmas Boxes for people, which contain lots of little individually wrapped things. It's very cheap - £5 to £10 a box, and if you're making them for more than one person there is economy of scale.

Simply get a small box and cover it in cheap wrapping paper, or perhaps you could use one of those pretty gift bags (save them every time they are given to you!) Then choose some things to pop inside. If you wrap each of them individually it makes the present opening fun too.

You can vary this by making your own hamper - pound shops often sell suitable baskets, which you can line with shredded or scrunched up plain paper, and cover in cellophane or cling film.

Ideas for what to put inside - you choose:

  • A small candle and holder - you can buy candle holders for 43p in Tesco, and you can buy a pack of aromatherapy candles for £1 and then divide them up so that everyone gets a few candles.
  • For adults - A mini wine bottle - you can buy a 25cl bottle in supermarkets for £1.50.
  • For children - Coloured pens and a pad, or an art set from a £1 shop.
  • Chocolates - for example Tesco sell 200g of truffles for £1, you could divide them into small portions and twist them up in paper for each person. Alternatively shops like Thorntons sell small individual chocolates.
  • Smellies - If you plan in advance, save up all the free samples you get (and send off for as many as you can, using my Freebies guide - Original Source are particularly good) then use these at Christmas. Alternatively, some of the smaller items at places like the Body Shop start quite cheaply. Some of the larger Pound stores also have multipacks of smellies that you could split and share out.
  • Print out some recipes from the internet, suited to each person, and put it into a home-made card.
  • Print out some puzzles from the internet - crosswords, sudoku, you name it - and staple it together into a puzzle book.
  • For children - you can get some cheap but good stocking fillers starting at just a few pence - try this website
  • Get a multipack of metal puzzles, and split the pack so everyone gets one. For example, this pack of 12 puzzles is £4.
  • Get a pack of cheap Christmas Crackers for £1 (or make your own!) and put one in each box.

Alternatively if you are making a hamper, you might want to include tea, jams, a mini wine bottle, and biscuits. There's no reason why you can't make your own biscuits if you prefer!

If you have more ideas for people who have everything - please let me know.

This page last updated: 01 September 2022

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